Captain’s Welcome

NZ Falcons Captain’s Welcome

Hello and kia ora.

On behalf of the NZ Falcons, I welcome you to our new team website. In New Zealand where rugby is almost a religion, the NZ Falcons are a unique rugby team in that we are the only gay and inclusive rugby team.

Yes, most players are gay. Yes, some are also straight. Yes, we have players and supporters from throughout New Zealand. Ultimately it is the passion and bond of rugby that unites us all.

I have had the privilege of captaining the NZ Falcons since the start of the 2014 rugby season, after the team was established in 2013. Working alongside the coaching and management staff throughout the season, it has been extremely rewarding to witness the team and individual players grow. They have overcome many challenges, developed their rugby skill, and grown personally off the field.

The Bingham Cup 2014 in Sydney stands out as a highlight of my rugby career. New Zealand had not previously had a team enter the Bingham Cup. It was three days of tough physical rugby (as well as the mental battle with oneself of playing three days of rugby in a row). I was proud to be able to raise the Bingham Bowl in celebration, a testimony to the team’s grit and determination.

2015 will be another massive year for the NZ Falcons where we will once again take part in the weekly Auckland rugby competition. In the first weekend of September we will host the Purchas Cup in Auckland – Australian gay and inclusive rugby teams traveling to New Zealand to compete for the silverware. No doubt there will be some epic trans-Tasman battles that occur at this tournament!

If the NZ Falcons sounds like a rugby team that you would be keen to be part of as a player or supporter, then I encourage you to have a look around the website and click on the “get involved” link above.

I look forward to seeing you on the side-line supporting the team or on the field alongside me and the other NZ Falcons players.