Coach’s Welcome

NZ Falcons Coach’s Welcome.

As the Coach of the New Zealand Falcons I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. We are an inclusive side that welcomes people of all backgrounds and levels of rugby skills.

I have an extensive history of playing the game both here and my home country, Sydney Australia. My club in Sydney was Randwick Rugby Club one of Australia’s strongest clubs. The home of many Super 15 and Australian Representatives. I played and coached at the club. Also serving as the club Vice President. Over thirty years of involvement at Randwick Rugby, a club that plays an expansive style of rugby. A style which I have introduced to the Falcons.

In 2004 I moved to New Zealand with my Maori husband and on arrival I had the opportunity of coaching the Ponsonby Heroes the country’s only gay rugby team. Recently, I also had the opportunity of assisting with the senior one team at Grammar Carlton.

Rugby to me is a character builder, a sport where all those involved can make friends whilst working as a unit for a common goal. A rugby team is a family of people who through teamwork assist an individual to grow as a player and as a person. The friends you make in rugby are friends you will have for your whole life. The Falcons provide a platform for you to enjoy the thrills of the game and the wonderful social side of the sport.

In 2014 we competed at the Bingham Cup in Sydney. Certainly the highlight for me and I am sure the Falcons. We won the Bingham Bowl. Truly a sterling effort for such a new team. We play the Australian teams at the end of our season for the Purchas Cup and we hope we can acquit ourselves with distinction once again.

Finally, the game is for everyone. If you don’t wish to play, come along as a supporter. You will be welcomed into the wonderful world of our national sport.

Ray Pye