Name: Jeremy Brankin (Captain)
Position: Flanker
What does playing for the NZ Falcons mean to you?
On the outside you could think that the NZ Falcons are just another rugby team who train during the week & play rugby on the weekends, whilst also enjoying the social aspects of the team environment. But when you look deeper it is a very unique gay & inclusive rugby team which is bonded by a brotherhood of rugby. The NZ Falcons by playing rugby prove week by week, team by team, player by player, that regardless of your sexuality you can do anything you set your mind to.
What is the highlight of your involvement with the New Zealand Falcons?
Helping to lead the NZ Falcons to victory in the Bingham Bowl final at the Bingham Cup in Sydney in 2014. In the final ten-minutes of this game I watched the players answer my challenge when I said that the victory was our if they all wanted it bad enough & stepped up to it…they did well & truly. This win was a culmination of an immense amount of hard work & determination by the players on the field, whilst off the field, coaching & management staff put in an incredible amount of time & effort. All of it was made possible by our fantastic supporters.
Sport person: Shaun Johnson…the…whole…package.
Food: Mum’s lasagne
Movie: Snatch
Holiday destination: Somewhere sunny with a beach that I can swim at every day of the holiday.
If I could meet one person, who would it be and why:
The Dalai Lama, to gain some insight in to a very peaceful way of being & different way of seeing the world.
I can’t live without: My family, they keep me grounded, provide me with wise advice & support me in whatever I set out to achieve.